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As part of its social responsibility, HCC supports Kafr el Elw medical center with medical equipment
Tourah Cement, 90 years of success  
SCGC sponsors "person of the year" in El Minya Governorate
25 July 2017

As part of its social responsibility, HCC supports Kafr el Elw medical center with medical equipment

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As part of its social responsibility for the areas surrounding its plants with the aim of guaranteeing people's rights to decent and safe life, Helwan Cement Company, a SCGC subsidiary, has supported and addressed the needed medical equipment for Kafr el Elw medical center. The initiative is part of SCGC's continued contribution to supporting Egypt's social and health development. On this occasion, SCGC's CEO Jose Maria Magrina said: "we are keen to play an effective role at social level through constructive human and social initiatives. Our donation of the equipment needed for Kafr el Elw...
16 July 2017

Tourah Cement, 90 years of success  

Cairo, 16 July 2017. Tourah Cement Company, a subsidiary of Suez Cement Group of Companies, is celebrating its 90th anniversary. TPCC was established in 1927 as the first cement company in Egypt and the Middle East. It has the oldest limestone quarries in Egypt.  The company asserts that our human resources are our best wealth. It grows and develops thanks to its workers and our long history of our mutual relationship that is built on justice and respect. Until recently, it had a training center for producing skilled technical workers who have contributed to the establishing...
23 March 2017

SCGC sponsors "person of the year" in El Minya Governorate

SCGC sponsors "person of the year" in El Minya Governorate_2.
Suez Cement group of Companies has sponsored and supported the "person of the year" competition announced by El Minya governorate as part of celebrating the governorate’s national day on 18 March. This reflects SCGC’s vision towards sponsoring and supporting innovators and talented people in the governorate as a form of social engagement. SCGC also sponsors several other events.

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Suez Cement's overall objective is to continue to invest and develop its activities in the country by respecting its Egyptian identity and increasing its efficiency through converting the Company from a cement supplier to a service supplier for the building and construction industry.

Our Environment Policy.

Suez Cement believes in being environmentally conscious and protecting its surroundings. The Company has continuously invested towards a cleaner Egypt with a long-time commitment towards being environmentally responsible.  

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Safe work Healthy life. Due to this fact our aim is to reduce the number of occupational accidents by developing a substantive corporate safety culture and raising the employee awareness and concern for safety conduct.