16 July 2017

Tourah Cement, 90 years of success  

Cairo, 16 July 2017. Tourah Cement Company, a subsidiary of Suez Cement Group of Companies, is celebrating its 90th anniversary. TPCC was established in 1927 as the first cement company in Egypt and the Middle East. It has the oldest limestone quarries in Egypt. 

The company asserts that our human resources are our best wealth. It grows and develops thanks to its workers and our long history of our mutual relationship that is built on justice and respect. Until recently, it had a training center for producing skilled technical workers who have contributed to the establishing of most cement companies in Egypt. 

TPCC is well reputed as one of the most trusted companies for its products in Egypt and the Middle East. Consultants and contractors also resort to the company's high quality products for building such infrastructure as hospitals, roads, bridges, airports, ports and many housing, educational, commercial and other projects. We are proud that the company's cement was used in the construction of many national projects, such as the High Dam and Al Salam Peace Bridge and Greater Cairo Metro and Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Egypt. For TPCC is the only company licensed to produce oil well cement as per API specifications. 

Environmental concern is one of the core values ​​of the company's business. TPCC continued to invest in Egypt for a better and cleaner environment and took a long-term commitment to become an environmentally responsible entity. In 2012, TPCC made one of its most significant achievements through the completion replacing electrostatic filters with bag house filters in kiln 8, in a unique project at the local level. It also helped reduce dust emissions by at least 10 mg / m3, which is much lower than the Egyptian and European standards. TPCC is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certified. 18001 for Occupational Safety and Health Management System. It has adopted and strictly applied the Egyptian environment laws, and closely cooperates with the Ministry of Environmental Affairs to ensure the achievement of set environmental standards. 

"We cannot miss out such a special and dear occasion for our great company. So, we took advantage of this event to design a logo marking the 90th anniversary on Tourah Cement bags”, said Mr. Jose Maria Magrina, CEO of Suez Cement Group. “Hard work and continued commitment not only contribute to the success of the company but also to the success and progress of the industry throughout Egypt”, he added.

TPCC proudly promotes social initiatives that focus on the basic needs of the local community. This concern emerges from one of our core values in SCGC, which is to give back to the communities where we operate, whereby the Group funds important projects in communities surrounding its plants.

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