20 September 2017

Helwan Cement's El Minya Plant makes a new achievement in safety with seven years without LTI

El Minya –  Helwan Cement Company (HCC) El Minya plant", a SCGC's subsidiary, has made an unprecedented achievement in the field of safety as it completed seven years without any work-related time loss injuries among both staff and subcontractors. This is the first time ever HCC El Minya plant makes such an achievement at this level.In a special ceremony held at El Minya plant, the Group management has extended its congratulations to everyone who participated in spreading the principles of occupational health and safety.

The event was attended by Major General Essam El-Badawy, Governor of El Minya, Mr. Jose Maria Magrina, CEO of Suez Cement Group, Mr. Nigel Clamb, Head of Occupational Safety and Health in Heidelberg Cement's Africa and Middle East Area, and Mr. Salem Sousou, SCGC Technical Director, Eng. Mohamed Shoala, Health and Safety Director at SCGC, Dr. Hamdy Salah, El Minya plant manager, as well as members of the executive management and a number of employees of El Minya plant.

“The achievements of El Minya plant in the field of safety clearly reflect SCGC established safety culture and its strong commitment to implementing safe practices in the workplace. They also reflect the sincere desire of all employees to disseminate safety and health concepts and principles all the time among colleagues, friends, and family members and across the community,” said Mr. Jose Maria. He noted that workers realize that establishing a work environment free of injuries and accidents is an attainable goal, stressing that this achievement clearly reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of the safety system in identifying and controlling potential risks. He also noted that the group’s next goal is to duplicate this achievement in other plants to limit any possible injuries or accidents.

"I am confident that we will be able to achieve our next goal if we continue to exercise caution and vigilance in the application of safe work practices, taking into account our preparedness for possible injury at any time”, he added, stressing that the excellent safety record at El Minya plant was not accidental, but it was the result of a well-established culture of safety strictly followed by the company through rigorous programs and plans adopted over the past years to improve and develop occupational health and safety standards."

On his part, Mr. Nigel Clamp said that the aim of Heidelberg Cement Group/SCGC is not limited to this achievement, but also to ensure that employees safely return to their families after every working day. He explained that this achievement is not a coincident but it came as a result of hard work and full commitment to safety standards and dedication of El Minya plant staff and contractors over the past years.

Mr. Mohamed Said

External Relations Manager
Suez Cement
K30 Maadi/Ein Sokhna Road