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SCGC is in an environmentally conscious organization striving for the protecting its surroundings. It has been continuously investing towards a better Egypt and a cleaner environment and has made a long-time commitment towards being environmentally responsible. Suez Cement dedicates a substantial part of its industrial investments to implementing a comprehensive environmental policy.All our operating plants are ISO 14001 and IS0 9001 certified. They have adopted and strictly complied with the environmental laws of Egypt and work in close cooperation with the Ministry of Environment to ensure that all environmental standards of each plant are on target.

As Egypt’s environmental law No. 4 of 1994 was amended in August 2011 to including more restrictions on air emission, giving companies a grace period of three years to comply. The Group submitted a compliance action plan that included filters upgrading projects, and received the approval of concerned authorities, allowing SCGC to apply the old limits during the grace period.

To this end, SCGC developed more restrictive environmental targets for its plants not only to avoid any penalties arising from violating the law, but also to follow our ‘Continuous Improvement’ spirit. As part of the company’s ongoing effort to reduce adverse environmental impacts, regular consultation and information sessions are held with local stakeholders. Each plant is thoroughly reviewed by the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) for full compliance with local standards.

Several major projects were completed and successfully implemented in the area of pollution abatement and emission control. Through the implementation of EPAP, SCGC successfully implemented in December 2011, the second phase of the project, EPAP II, in Tourah plant line 8 by conversion of three electrostatic precipitators for raw mills and bypass to bag house and replacement of the two gravel bed filters with one Bag house. This resulted in drastic reduction of dust emissions from 250 to 20 milligrams per cubic meter, with a total cost of LE 134 million.

SCGC submitted also CAP project by 2017 to complete all conversion EP to bag filters in Suez and Kattameya plants.

Also the company aligned with all regulations to got the authorization to use Coal and Pet coke in Suez , Kattameya, Tourah and Helwan plants.

Each plant has met all restrictions on dust emissions; in fact the measured average emissions are below the threshold set by the environmental regulations. The company has also taken progressive actions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by using agriculture wastes &Refused Derived fuels as partial replacement of conventional fossil fuels for its lines in Kattameya & Helwan plants.

The Group had two CDM projects; one for Helwan plant and the other for Kattameya plant. The activity of these projects is associated with positive impacts on the three pillars of sustainable development, i.e. environmentally, economically, and socially. This will support the Egyptian government’s efforts to achieve sustainable development.The Group will be ready to submit the final PDDs with validation reports to UNFCCC asking for final registration before the end of 2012.

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