This Charter of Values for Suez Cement group of Companies states the basic principles underlying the Company’s governance model. It is the point where the personal ethics of each employee and those of the company come together in placing the individual as the basis of corporate development.
The Charter of Values does not replace or overlap the Codes of Governance which have already been approved by Italcementi and which are now fully in effect. Indeed, it summarizes and strengthens the general principles contained in these Codes. It is the framework document outlining the commitments made by the company and by the women and men belonging to Suez Cement group of Companies. 

This document containing Suez Cement's general principles of ethics is designed to guide staff in their behavior with clients, institutions and public administrations, competitors, shareholders, suppliers, markets and non-governmental organizations representing the many interests generated by the Company's business.

The Charter of Values states our commitment in respect of the following principles:

  • honesty, fairness, integrity, transparency and mutual respect in managing the company and in its relations with stakeholders and markets;
  • dialogue and listening to community needs in order to create value and widespread opportunities;
  • protecting the individual by valuing diversity and cultural identity, professional growth and safety at work;
  • safeguarding of the environment by pursuing the harmonious integration of each industrial plant with its landscape and developing innovative technologies to save natural resources and use renewable energy sources;
  • promoting innovation aimed at industrial growth and sustainable development.

The Charter of Values is distributed to all the employees and is shared by the entire organization that will play an active role in its implementation, integration or revision.

Ahmed Morshedy

Investor Relations Manager
Suez Cement
K30 Maadi/Ein Sokhna Road