21 June 2018

SCGC implements several activities with Egyptian families in service of its surrounding society

In continuation of its initiatives with the aim of improving the living standards in the regions surrounding its plants during the holy fasting month of Ramadan, the management of Suez Cement Group of Companies (SCGC), in cooperation with the employees and workers, has distributed the basic food needs during Ramadan in the regions surrounding its plants in Helwan, Tourah, Minya and Suez.
 Moreover, the Company has organized Iftar banquets for the seventh consecutive year in the regions surrounding its plants in Helwan, Tourah and Minya year, where it distributed thousands of meals throughout Ramadan. Also, SCGC has sponsored Ramadan football tournaments, which comes within the framework of its realization of the importance of sport activities in deepening youths’ feelings of belonging to their society. 

In cooperation with several NGOs, SCGC contributed in buying new clothes for orphans with the aim of driving them happy and joyful while celebrating Eidul-Fitr.

 SCGC Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jose Maria said that the Company is keen on providing assistance to the largest possible number of families in the regions surrounding its plants in order to realize that we are always beside them. He thanked the employees who participated in these initiatives, stressing that all employees are keen on participating in all social initiatives of the company.

 Accordingly, SCGC is proud to be a member of this society and renews its determination to sustain its efforts within this framework in future.

Mr. Mohamed Said

External Relations Manager
Suez Cement
K30 Maadi/Ein Sokhna Road