Our Safety Policy

Safe work Healthy life. Due to this fact our aim is to reduce the number of occupational accidents by developing a substantive corporate safety culture and raising the employee awareness and concern for safety conduct. The safety of our employees and contractors is our first concern. We can never allow ourselves to be truly proud of our industry where there are still people risking their lives and being injured.

In our industrial setting, employee perceptions regarding their organization's commitment to safety have been shown to be important correlates to both the adoption and maintenance of safe work practices and to workplace injury rates.

Since the start of 2009, our goal has been to reinforce our efforts to ensure global implementation of our safety policy and programs through monitoring, reporting and technical and administrative support at the corporate level, with the aim of becoming one of the safest companies in the industry.

Our efforts contributed to reducing the frequency rate of workplace accidents.

SCGC’s ambition is to create relationships with employees and subcontractors based on trust, which will contribute to improvement in safety dynamics on site. In order to reach that goal,

The Company conducted ten of thousands safety orientation and safety training hours for our employees and contractors’ on the implementation of our safety policy, emergency preparedness, risk assessment, safety rules and procedures.

As Safety is taken seriously not only at workplace, but in every moment of our daily activities and since driving related incidents are one of the largest cause of fatalities amongst the Country, the Company’s social responsibility goes also on driving regulations through awareness campaigns about the importance of wearing the seat belt, monitoring drivers’ behaviours on road and respect speed limits.



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