25 July 2017

As part of its social responsibility, HCC supports Kafr el Elw medical center with medical equipment

As part of its social responsibility for the areas surrounding its plants with the aim of guaranteeing people's rights to decent and safe life, Helwan Cement Company, a SCGC subsidiary, has supported and addressed the needed medical equipment for Kafr el Elw medical center. The initiative is part of SCGC's continued contribution to supporting Egypt's social and health development.

On this occasion, SCGC's CEO Jose Maria Magrina said: "we are keen to play an effective role at social level through constructive human and social initiatives. Our donation of the equipment needed for Kafr el Elw medical center is part of the company's CSR activities through which we ensure our deep commitment to leaving a tangible and positive impact on the areas surrounding our plants, which benefits the local community in general".

SCGC is keen to be in vanguard of Egyptian companies that take on their social role in the society where they work. As a result, we invested a total of EGP30 million on promoting social initiatives in several areas, including our donation for 57357 child cancer hospital, renovation of Helwan Public Hospital, National Council for Childhood and Motherhood and initiatives for developing several schools.

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