2 August 2018

Minister of Manpower and Heads of SCGC Unions announce launch of SCGC’s first project to educate and train trade union members

Out of keenness on creating a competitive labor environment for the most skilled and experienced employees, the Suez Cement Group of Companies (SCGC) pays due attention to the management of its human resources as it represents an important factor in the individual and institutional development.

Within this context, SCGC launched its educational program, the first of its type in Egypt, to organize an integrated educational program for members of the trade union committees in its subsidiaries. The project aims at preparing the trade union leaders for the coming stage under the supervision of a group of experts and specialists in several labor-related fields.

Within this framework, His Excellency Minister of Manpower Mohamed Saafan, and a number of senior officials in the Ministry of Manpower visited the Suez Cement Company to announce launching the educational course for members of the trade union committees in SCGC. The company’s management reviewed various stages of the project in addition to the presentation of a documentary on fruits of joint cooperation between the management and trade unions during the past years.

Upon arrival to the Company, the delegation was welcomed by CEO of Suez Cement Group Mr. Jose Maria, Director of Human Resources Sector Mrs. Sherry Bishara, Director of the Technical Sector Mr. Salem Soso, managers of plants and HR, heads and members of the trade union committees in the plants of the group.

The program will enable participants to improve their personal skills and developing their capabilities through studying subjects on skills of negotiation, good communication, teamwork, marketing and sale bases, financial fundamentals and terminologies, features of the new labor law as well as the trade union organization law and its Executive Regulations.

“Suez Cement Company is proud to be a main partner in building the society and enhancing the government’s noble efforts aimed at guaranteeing the right of workers in a descent and safe life. This initiative comes within the framework of SCGC’s continuous participation in supporting the educational and social progress of employees”, Mr. Jose Maria said during his opening speech in the ceremony.

“These educational courses aim to reach a good preparation for the unionists with the purpose of raising awareness and increasing knowledge of the laws and regulations, preparation of budgets and work plans as well as adoption of the collective agreements which protect interests of labourers and mechanisms of labour through benefiting from the experts and specialists in different fields”, Mr. Jose Maria added.

Mr. Jose Maria stressed that the hard work and continued commitment contributes not only to the success of the company, but also to the success and progress of industry in Egypt.

Since its entry into the Egyptian market, the Suez Cement sustained its investment for a better Egypt and cleaner environment, shouldering a long-term commitment to the environmental responsibility through allocating a large part of its industrial investment to implement a comprehensive environmental policy.

SCGC is strongly committed to improve the quality of life and comfort not only for its employees, but also for the local communities in which it operates. The company’s social initiatives are based on addressing the needs of people living in the local communities surrounding its plants, giving priority to the fields of education, sustainable livelihoods, health and raising awareness of social issues.

Mr. Mohamed Said

External Relations Manager
Suez Cement
K30 Maadi/Ein Sokhna Road